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DROP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING! Firefighters drop your water hoses, nurses drop your syringes, Donald Trump drop your golf club, because here's a video of a regular...Read more

Our Own Way - (Lyric Video) [Chainsmokers Parody]

i made this song in an hour then recorded vocals on my phone in one take enjoy LISTEN HERE: more

Disney Parks Imagineers and Lucasfilm Collaborate on Star Wars-Themed Lands | Disney Parks

The creative minds from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering discuss their unique partnership and share details about the new galactic Star Wars-themed lands ...Read more

Divas Riff-Off w/ Demi Lovato

When Demi Lovato takes exception to James Corden's claim that divas such as Cher, Aretha and Tina Turner are more fierce than today's divas, and the two decide ...Read more