I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

I followed a Bob Ross Painting tutorial using FROSTING instead of Paint!! SUBSCRIBE ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rosannapansino WAT...Read more

how did they mess up the superbowl halftime show

how could this have happened ↓SUBSCRIBE TO THE BOYS↓ - Eddy: https://bit.ly/2h8iCMN - Sven: https://bit.ly/2hVIsEK ↓FOLLOW ME HERE PLEASE↓ NEW MERCH: h...Read more

Understanding Kingdom Hearts (and every other story) | Unraveled

Everyone wants to get caught up on Kingdom Hearts' story before the new game comes out. But Brian David Gilbert will do you one better: he'll help you understan...Read more

The Fastest Xbox of All Time

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This Changes RGB Forever

Thanks to CORSAIR for sponsoring this CES 2019 content! Check out the CORSAIR ONE i140: http://geni.us/i6B9z Check out the CORSAIR ONE i160: http://geni.us/BfwB...Read more